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Fluxus Concert (1990)

Wolf Vostell (1932-1998)

1. Fluxus Concert (1990)

LE CRI: Quartett; Säge; Stossen; Rauschen; Schreien; Blasen; Saugen; Reiben
LE CRI: Quartet; saw; poking; noise, yelling, blowing; sucking; rubbing

… 60 Minuten
2 string quartets
4 loggers
20 TVs
5 sopranos
30 choir singers
30 vacuum cleaners
a car accident
400 spectators
10 scores
“Equipment Music” (Satie), in which all the furniture will be dismantled
a sculpture / Happening
an Environment / Collage
The concert hall (Pleyel) on the seabed (Rimbaud extreme)