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Ganglions by Gaudenz Badrutt

GAUDENZ BADRUTT plays: Livesampling of internal & external feedbacks, analog fx & acoustic sound sources
This album is basically released and available as vinyl LP, edited by AUSSENRAUM records, 180g, AR-LP-012. For LP order please visit
Two tracks, complementing each other: Supraesophageal (side A) and Suboesophageal (side B, only LP and downloadversion).
Ganglions is the first solo release of Gaudenz Badrutt.

On Ganglions, Badrutt sculpts sinusoidal sounds, internal and external feedback as well as voice inputs and other sources into two pieces of otherworldly music. The release takes the listener into the realm of an arthropod central nervous system and its nerve cells processing tactile and visual information (Supraesophageal). The B-Side – Suboesophageal – showcases a more primitive, destructive approach that could well be aligned with a nerve cluster that processes environmental feedback from the mouth and the legs of a creature with a ventral cord. Follow the input through the segments of the ladder. Appendages are damaged and lost along the way, scrambled information leaks into vessels unprepared. Balance is barely re-established, new pathways are carved out, raw strands maintain a steady gait. Ganglions is improvised and abstract, organic livesampling-computer music. [text written by Karl Michael Toepfer]


released October 4, 2019

RECORDING AND EDITING: Gaudenz Badrutt, 2018/19, Biel/Bienne (CH)

MASTERING: Ilia Belorukov

CUT: Flo Kaufmann

Cover Art: Christoph Lanz
Many thanks to Dr. Liechti & Migros Kulturprozent
© Gaudenz Badrutt 2019 // SUISA ®